About us


africaFISH is a dynamic new company that aims to create the largest commercial sustainable fish farming business in Africa with operations in at least three selected locations by 2016 to supply the rapidly growing African and international markets.

Many countries in Africa offer excellent opportunities for aquaculture with good production locations and large growing local and regional markets. Rapidly increasing populations and prosperity levels mean and a failing supply from capture fisheries due to years of overfishing mean that there are now significant supply deficits in most countries. This deficit provides a clear opportunity for commercial aquaculture - and a clear imperative because there is a crisis of protein supply in many countries that have traditionally relied upon fish.

Our first project which is in Uganda involves the expansion of an existing small-scale producer, support to the development of local community-based smallholder fish farmers and the establishment of a sales and marketing company to ensure that we can get our fish to the market. africaFISH has a strategic growth plan that seeks to replicate the Upper Awash business model in other locations in Africa in order to grow the volumes and range of our products.

How we operate is important to us. africaFISH strives to be the benchmark for how foreign direct investment is delivered in developing countries. We aim to demonstrate that not only can growth be generated with positive effects on the environment and for poverty eradication but that it is ‘good business’ and should be the model of choice. Our companies will support community socio-economic development by integrating local farmers into the value chains that we create, we will have low carbon value chains and high energy efficiency and we aim for organic production wherever this is possible.