Our strategy to create social value

africaFISH is committed to delivering an economically successful business that provides attractive returns for investors. Our strategy to deliver a profitable business is based on the following:

  • careful selection of locations that have the optimum intersection between high yield potential and significant growth markets, as well as labour and land availability and fiscal and political stability. In addition, we will look for locations that have good access to the key inputs required for aquaculture, especially a reliable supply of good quality feed or access to feed ingredients.
  • application of international best practice to the design and operation of our aquaculture facilities to deliver a low unit cost of production and security of supply in order to meet the needs of our key markets.
  • design of developments with initial low capital costs so as to minimise the requirements for extensive upfront financing and reduce hard currency earning requirements.

africaFISH has a flexible approach to the development of projects but our primary strategy is to partner with existing local companies that share africaFISH’s commitment to sustainable development and have good strategic locations with environmental conditions that offer significant yield potential.

Our growth strategy is designed to replicate our business model in other locations in Africa after we have secured the success of this first project.