Uganda project

Our first project is the Uganda Project which is a joint venture with SCAPA Limited, an existing small-scale aquaculture business with a site in Kamuli district , central-eastern Uganda.

africaFISH and SCAPA have established a new company, africaFISH Uganda that will:

  • expand SCAPA‚Äôs facilities to develop a large-scale sustainable commercial aquaculture business in Uganda based on the production of market-size African catfish and Nile tilapia
  • support the development of outgrower catfish farmers in the local community by supporting the growth of the existing Busoga Commercial Aquaculture Producers Cooperative (BCAPC)
  • create a marketing, distribution and retail business for farmed fish in Uganda (the Uganda Fish Company) that will be part-owned by the local community

The Institute of Aquaculture at Stirling University have undertaken a full technical study in order to optimise the design of the production system incorporating international best practice and finding the balance between the intensity of the system and operational robustness.

We have designed the project to be a model of sustainable development, incorporating elements to ensure that it delivers substantial social, environmental and economic returns. Through adherence to International Labour Organisation principles, community participation in the business, and a low carbon-footprint operation we will strengthen the business and contribute to the delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals in Africa.