africaFISH is a partnership between BusinessMinds BV and the University of Stirling that aims to create the largest commercial sustainable fish farming business in Africa with operations in at least three selected locations by 2016 to supply the rapidly growing African and international markets.

Our strategy is to utilise the business development and venture set-up experience of BusinessMinds and the technical expertise of Stirling University to develop and implement a model of sustainable commercial aquaculture for Africa that can address the structural and technical barriers that have impeded the development of the sector on the continent and can capitalise on the opportunity to access the rapidly growing markets within Africa and in Europe.

We aim to deliver our strategy by the careful selection of locations that have the optimum intersection between high yield potential and significant growth markets, as well as labour and land availability and fiscal and political stability. In addition, we will look for locations that have good access to the key inputs required for aquaculture, especially a reliable supply of good quality feed or access to feed ingredients.

africaFISH is committed to the principles of sustainable development [link to Our Objectives] and sets high standards in the way that we work. In practice, this means that we will deliver the highest quality products to our customers, secure attractive returns for our investors, and deliver positive social and environmental impacts in our operations. We are committed to adherence to International Labour Organisation principles, community participation in the business, and a low carbon-footprint operation. We believe that these all help to strengthen our business and contribute to the delivery of the UN Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

africaFISH is a company registered in the Netherlands.