Our environmental strategy

africaFISH’s environmental strategy incorporates the following elements:

  • We will focus on the production of endemic species only thereby eliminating the risk of escape of alien species into the local ecosystem.
  • Aquaculture has a major role to play in reducing the pressure on natural fish stocks caused by overfishing. Farming fish is one of the most efficient ways of producing animal protein with inputs typically five times less than farm-fed cattle and being twice as efficient as poultry production.
  • africaFISH has set targets to have zero waste operations and aims for low carbon footprints by implementing in our projects:
  • comprehensive waste management plans
  • comprehensive renewable energy plans including bio-fuel from seed oil and solar power as an off-grid solution
  • employing appropriate technology to minimise pressure on key local resources such as water. For example, we will utilise water recirculation systems
  • we aim to modernise the value chain for farmed fish in Africa delivering significant reductions in fish spoilage (currently often over 30%)
  • working towards fully organic production where technically feasible;